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Hi Everyone! 
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I wanted to share with you how we came to choose the name of our store.
When I was a small child of around 6 or 7, living in a small family village in Ethiopia, my sister and I were sent to gather firewood for my mom to cook lunch with in the early afternoon hours, as we were gathering the firewood, a short walk into the bush from our home, we spotted, actually, we almost stepped on, a deeply sleeping Leopard!
For a moment, we were surprised, scared and in awe, we were fully aware of the danger we found ourselves in, and - Very Carefully - backed away, till we were far enough away to run for our lives!
Another time, not long after that, I was sent to replace my brother, who was Shepherding our family's flock, so he could go back home for a lunch break, when all of a sudden, I see a huge Lion, sleeping in the sun! I gotta think that he'd already eaten, because he didn't eat me! Now -how do I get out of here with the flock?!?!?
I guess I was in a bit of a shock, because I can't remember how I got back home in one piece, without losing any of the flock, either!
These are Life Altering Moments - I received the gift of life twice, once from the Jaws of the Leopard and once from the Jaws of the Lion.
I'm no big hero, but I understand that I was saved by the Lion of Judah, G-d of Abraham, King of the universe.
Thank you G-d for all you have given me, and Thank you Visitors for allowing me to share with you this very personal Share!

Anbessa is the Amharic/Ethiopian name for Lion.