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Being a Native Amhara Speaking Ethiopian, there are things you grow up with at Home that shape your identity, that make you who you are, the Childhood memories that warm your Heart...the aromas & flavors of your Mom's Home Cooking, the Roasting Coffee Beans for Buna, & K'urs. 

As a Girl, Hair Braiding was a big part of dressing up, the K'emis & Netella, lots of Bling & henna tattoos at Engagements, Weddings, and on Holidays, Dad wearing white and wrapped in a G'avi.

If, Like me, you grew up in a small village, the sound of a Shepherd's Washint flute  always kept you company...

I'd very much like to bring you a small taste of back home & sincerely hope you enjoy my choice of nostalgia - all of which you can also bring home!


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